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Whatever may be your joint problem, we have the remedy. Ayurveda is found to be the most effective and safe remedy for all types of inflammatory, degenerative, traumatic joint disorders. Excellent clinical trials have been made by treating hundreds of cases of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout etc, every year.

Wear and tear, unsuitable and improper food and activities, over exercise, lack of exercise, hereditary predisposition, autoimmune disorders, traumatic originated, etc are the most common causes for all the types of joint pains. The most found symptoms are pain, inflammation redness, stiffness, heat, weakness, muscle wasting, swelling, joint deformity etc.

 Symptoms of Arthritis

Those who have painfully kept on pain killers or deadly steroids could come over here and get a stable and satisfactory treatment.


Different kinds of Kizhi's(hot poultice application), Abhyanga, Tharpanam, Dhara, Oil applications, Pizhichill, Navara application, etc, are effectively applied to manage the agony.