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Skin Disorders

Gurukripa excels in treating all types of skin disorders and diseases. We have found effective management for psoriasis, eczemas, non healing ulcers, gangrenes, pustules, boils and all other skin ailments.

Why Skin Disorders?
Skin disorders are mainly manifested due to improper diet and regimen. Improper diet includes intake of excess sour and spicy food, fermented food and beverages, excess consumption of non vegetarian and sea foods, two or more mutually contradictory foodstuffs etc. It may be due to a hereditary factor too.

Skin Disease

The idea of management is mainly purificatory therapies that is to flush out the blemishes out of the body by different therapies like Vamana(Emesis), Virechana(Purgation), Rakthamoksha(Blood letting), Snehapana(Oleation), Vasthy(Enema), etc. Suppressive treatments like Udhwarthana, Abhyanga, Dhara, etc, would be done simultaneously.