Gurukripa - Testimonials

Testimonial by the great actor Mohanlal.

- from Official blog of Mohanlal)

If you seek authentic ayurvedic medicine tailored to your own specific needs, then do not hesitate to come to Gurukripa. Treatment is delivered by highly skilled and experienced practioners with genuine care and compassion. Do not come here if you want sumptuous food and a menu of treatments for you to choose from. Go instead to one of the many hotels in Kerala offering oil massages etc. which masquerade as ‘ayurvedic health clinics’. Accommodation is simple but comfortable, whilst the diet is very healthy but austere by western standards and should be viewed as part of the overall medicinal regime. Entertainment does not extend beyond a TV with very few western channels and so essential you bring along plenty of books and an iPod!
The benefits are that you will rise to a level of health which causes illness to simply fall away. My first visit here was simply to keep my wife company when she was being treated for arthritis, but I lost a variety of aches and pains which I had previously taken for granted as being an inevitable part of middle-age. My weight also fell by 18 pounds (10%), and most of it stayed off upon my return to the UK.
Strongly recommended.

- Robert Alderman, London, England. (2008)

Gurukripa Heritage Ayurvedic Hospital is remarkable in successfully treating illnesses and conditions considered to be incurable in the West. I have had high blood pressure and osteo-arthritis for several years and was told that I must have a hip replacement. Walking had become difficult and I was given a Disablement Badge (Blue Badge) for free privilege parking of my car in England. I did not want to have an operation or take medical drugs so I came to the clinic last year on the recommendation of a friend.
The treatment and diet is strict but the doctors and staff are courteous and kind. After my first 3 week treatment, I was walking much better and even was able to do gardening again in the summer. After the second series of treatment, my hip is much more flexible, the stiffness is gone and I am walking unaided without a stick. My high blood pressure is also normal.
I would highly recommend treatment at this particular clinic as their uncompromising adherence to the rules of Ayurvedic medicine ensures success. The rooms are clean and comfortable, the views over the woodlands and hills are spectacular. Bring enough books, etc. to keep yourself amused for three weeks when you aren’t gazing out at the scenery.

- Carole Alderman, London, England. (Dec 2008)