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Includes various set of treatments, like different kinds of Kizhi's(hot poultice application), Dhara, etc which has great effect on human body.


Kalaripayattu or simply Kalari is an ancient traditional martial arts of Kerala, which could effectively manage non healing fractures even after plastering, external injuries due to blows, physical trauma in sports field, injuries to vital spots (Marma), joint dislocation, muscle tear, tennis elbow, ligament injuries etc.


Yoga is an ancient practice which helps you to gain control over yourself and is also used as a treatment for various diseases. Practicing Yoga makes you feel energetic and prevents various diseases.


Many eminent personalities from various fields visit the hospital regularly for treatments and to attend functions.


Located in God's own country; Kerala, the hospital gives spectacular views over the woodlands and hills, which are abundant with natural beauty. The view of green trees which spreads over vast area also adds to the attraction.