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Back Ache

Gurukripa stands different in it’s approach in managing the century’s most common life style disorder; Back Pain that varies from a mild spasm or inflammation of the vertebrae to serious disc herniation & prolapse(slip disc).

Why Back Ache?
The reason for the back pain could be sedentary habits with out any exercises, prolonged sitting postures, long drives, weight bearing jobs & exercises, trauma, abnormal movements, different types osteopathic arthritis, physical injuries, etc. The structures that support the spine in its normal position might have hurt or injured. The shock absorbing fibrous tissue(Inter vertebral discs) between the vertebrae could have bulged out or torn. The area affected may have redness, inflamed, and may show spasmodic changes.


The symptoms vary depending upon the site that is affected. If the cervical region is affected, there could be pain in the movements of neck that may radiate through shoulders to both upper limbs. If lumbar region is the area affected, there may be pain and numbness in the hip, radiating to both lower limbs makes the walk a painful job.

Gurukripa handles this miserable situation with a unique combination of ayurvedic Kizhis(medicated poultice), Uzhichil(typical kerala martial arts foot massage), Pralepana(medicated external applications), Kati Tharpana (stagnating medicated oil), Pradeshika Dhara(local pouring of medicated fluids or oils), Pichu(keeping medicated oil soaked pads), etc. Potent; instant and freshly prepared herbal decoctions and other internal medications do their wonderful role in the management of this ailment. They regulate the bowel movements; help losing weight, cures hemorrhoids, bloating, heart burn etc along with healing the pain, simultaneously.

Uzhichil(the typical kerala martial arts foot massage) is a state-of-the-art kind of manipulating technique which gives a sudden traction effect which pushes the herniated discs back to its normal position gives a dramatic healing effect with out any surgical invasions. It realigns the displaced vertebral bones into its proper manner. The direction of the deranged Vayu(the vital humor) through the Sushumna(spinal cord) gets rectified by this process. All these manipulations are done with utmost care and compassion with proper pre-operative procedures as per instructed by the great guru.