Gurukripa - Norms & Regulations

The inmates of the hospital are being admitted by all sense.

The patients are not supposed to walk out of the hospital premises unless they are instructed to do so.

Patients got admitted once, are not allowed to go for other public engagements and activities until they get discharged.

Male patients who undergo peculiar treatments for their head may have to have a short hair cut if it is necessary.

Female patients are advised to plan their arrival for the treatment according to their menstrual periods so as to avoid the delay in the treatments. They can plan the schedule right after the end of a cycle so that they get the maximum possible treatment days here.

The patients are strictly instructed to avoid alcohol, tobacco, drugs etc in the hospital.

Patients should not carry any edible food stuffs inside. The food that is specifically designed for each guest shall be provided by us.

Physically retarded patients who are not able to perform their daily drills and routines are expected to be accompanied with a bystander or care-taker.

Patients are suggested to bring their daily medications if they take any drugs such as anti hypertensives,insulin,ect. They can taper down or stop the medications gradually depending upon the response to our medications.

All patients and guests are advised to carry all their medical investigatory reports, history reports etc that they have taken earlier.

Kindly bear with us for your complete recovery and benefits.